Video Calling CDR API's

Introduction to Call Directory Record APIs

Welcome to the documentation for Call Directory Records APIs, designed to enhance and manage call directory information within your applications. These APIs provide developers with the capability to seamlessly integrate, update, and retrieve call directory records, contributing to an improved and customized calling experience for users.

This API is used to get the Video CDR Usage Report across all rooms or selected rooms

  • API Route:

  • HTTP Request: POST

  • Access Mechanism: HTTP Basic Authentication


  • Content-Type: To have application/json.

  • Authorization: Bearer JWT Token for authentication


  • room_name: Optional, returns all rooms if left empty or not mentioned

  • start_date: Optional, if nil, default value is 7 days before the current date time

  • end_date: Optional, if nil, default value is the current date time

Sample Curl Request:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {Your-Authentication-token}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "room_name": [{your-room-name1}, {your-room-name2}],
    "start_date": "2023-01-09T20:32:49+05:30",
    "end_date": "2023-11-09T23:33:22+05:30"

Sample Response:

  "rooms": [
      "room_id": "e1e23685-886c-4eba-956c-5ba4a72f0fe1",
      "room_details": {
        "OwnerId": "{customer-owner-id}",
        "AppId": "{cusotmer-project-id}",
        "MeetingId": "{your-room-name}"
      "room_type": "MEDIA",
      "status": "CLOSED",
      "StartedAt": "2023-11-15T08:04:04Z",
      "EndedAt": "2023-11-15T08:04:35Z",
      "CreatedAt": "2023-11-15T08:04:04.32531Z",
      "UpdatedAt": "2023-11-15T08:04:35.145077Z",
      "users": [
      "media_usage": {
        "audio_upload": 0,
        "video_upload": 0,
        "audio_download": 0,
        "video_download": 0
      "streaming_usage": {
        "LivestreamingAudioMinutes": 0,
        "LivestreamingVideoMinutes": 0

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