Key Features

  • Audio/Video Quality Analysis: Delve into detailed metrics to assess the quality of audio and video streams during calls, For example, the percentage of audio/video freeze.

  • User Location Tracking: Gain insights into the geographical locations of users, enhancing your understanding of the global reach of your platform.

  • Facial Landmarks Analysis: The system takes snapshots of the participant's facial expressions at intervals during the call, facilitating a more precise analysis of their expression

  • IP Address Analysis: Identify and track IP addresses to enhance security and troubleshoot potential issues.

  • System Speed Metrics: Analyze the speed of user systems to optimize the performance of your application.

  • Conference Drop Reasons: Understand and address conference drop issues with comprehensive data on drop reasons.

  • Call Quality Score: The call quality score is determined by taking a weighted average of parameters such as audio/video quality analysis, user location tracking, IP address analysis, system speed metrics, connection health, and conference drops.

Note: If you want analytics to be enabled, you need to enable it via the console dashboard when creating the project, or you can update it later on. By default, it is enabled.

Please find attached a screenshot showing a few metrics:


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