API References - Video Calling

Conference Mapper: Bridging Phone Accessibility

Conference Mapper facilitates seamless access to Sariska conferences for phone callers(joining conference without internet), addressing the challenge of inputting lengthy conference names via phone keypads.

Outgoing Calls:

To call someone from the Sariska Meet application within the Sariska environment.

Incoming Calls:

Jigasi plays a crucial role in handling incoming calls within Sariska Meet. Once configured, it registers on the SIP server with a designated identity and is ready to accept incoming calls. When Jigasi receives a call, it expects to find a 'Jitsi-Conference-Room' header in the SIP INVITE request. This header contains the name of the Jitsi Meet conference to which the call is to be patched through.

If no 'Jitsi-Conference-Room' header is present, Jigasi will automatically join the room specified under the 'org.jitsi.jigasi.DEFAULT_JVB_ROOM_NAME' config property. Administrators can customize this default room by editing the 'jigasi-home/sipcommunicator.properties' file.


For instance, a received SIP INVITE with a 'Jitsi-Conference-Room' header containing 'room1234' will prompt Jigasi to join the conference 'https://meet.example.com/room1234.' Here, 'meet.example.com' is assumed to be the domain of the Sariska Meet environment.

This seamless integration streamlines the process for both outgoing and incoming calls, ensuring a user-friendly experience for Sariska conference participants, particularly when accessed through phone systems. The Conference Mapper's translation of memorable conference names to concise numeric identifiers further enhances accessibility and convenience for phone callers.

For a full list of APIs go to: https://conference-mapper.dev.sariska.io/apidocs/

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