Audio Conferencing

Sariska provides ready to-be-shipped and easy-to-integrate Audio Conferencing setup for the web allowing developers to provide their apps with real-time features such as in-app audio calls.
Audio Conferencing Setup includes the following features:
  • Starting a stage by Host
  • Adding up to 2 co-hosts.
  • Adding up to 10 speakers.
  • Adding unlimited numbers of listeners.
  • Changing roles and permission dynamically
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Mute all
  • Hand Raise
  • Muting a single participant.
  • Terminating a stage
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Participant and Meeting analytics


Clone the Repository

The first step is to clone the ready-to-be-shipped Sariska Meet Repository by running the following command in your project directory using git.
git clone


Move to the root folder of the repository & install the dependencies as under.
cd sariska-spaces
npm install

Launch the Audio Conference

Run the following command to launch the audio conference
npm start
For more detailed information on the APIs, check out the Sariska Media Transport Documentation.
For a live demo click on the below link:
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