Welcome to the Sariska documentation!

Sariska enables seamless access to development tools around messaging, real-time video, audio, streaming, and interactive capabilities across platforms and devices. With this, we aim to build a new communication layer for a world that is centered around mixed reality such that digital and physical identities can coincide naturally.

From communication to streaming to interactivity, Sariska offers a comprehensive tech stack to build everything from tiny applications to endless worlds through simple, fast, and secure APIs and SDKs helping you to get from development to launch in a week.

Some of the core features we think you might be interested in are:

  • Simplicity: Unified, easy-to-understand, and integrated SDKs, help you get live with your application in less than a day.

  • Flexibility: Complete control over the features and development with fully modular components to make your application as lightweight as possible.

  • Adaptive Relay: Real-time video and audio quality switching accounting for bandwidth and device capabilities with edge case handling delivering the best experience.

  • Transparency: Real-time visibility from usage to bugs with powerful backend logging allows for fully dynamic pricing and error anticipation.

If you are new to Sariska, the following documentation can help you get started:

  • On how to obtain an API Key

  • Integrating RTM(Real Time Messaging), Media, and Interactive services into your own code

  • Code samples to get you up and running in no time

Build things you love and enjoy. You bring creativity. We bring you tools that deliver high-quality performance every time.

If this is your first time using our APIs, please check out our getting started guide. If you already have your API key, our code samples could help you refine the results.

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